Choosing an International Shipping Company

Choosing an International Shipping Company

In today's climate of international commerce, selecting the right international shipping company is a vital component of supply chain operations for many businesses. Unfortunately, with all of the available options, it can be overwhelming to select the right international shipping company for your needs. To help you feel confident in your decision, we're offering the following tips and insights for selecting the right international shipping company!

Tip 1 – They Make It Easy to Get Quotes

As you begin your search for the right international shipping company, it's important to be able to compare rates. Some companies post their quotes online, while others give quotes via email or phone after you supply them with the details of your shipment. You also want to be aware that many different factors affect international shipment costs. For example, full container loads tend to cost more than less than container loads. If you are interested in a particular international shipping company, the more transparent they are with their pricing and fees, the better. Be aware of every fee that will be included in your quoted cost, such as carrier-related fees, delay fees, customs fees, or port fees, to name a few.

Tip 2 – They Offer the Specializations and Experience You Need

It's important to select an international shipping company that has experience and a proven track record handling the type of product you want to ship. This is especially true if you need to ship goods that are unique in their shape or volume or require unique considerations. It's a great idea to not only discuss this during the consultation phase, but also search for reviews from other customers in the same industry who have also used the company for international shipment. You also want to select a company with experience in the country you are exporting to, as this means they will not only be familiar with duty and custom laws, but also be able to assist with any language barriers (more on this in tip # 4).

Tip 3 – They Have the Proper Licensing and Authorization

Is the company you're considering licensed and properly authorized in the country where it operates? In the U.S., for example, the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) ensures that all operations are legal and legitimate, and so you can be assured that an FMC licensed international shipment companies will operate within the proper rules and regulations. Hiring a company with the proper licensing and authorization also usually offers protection for your business (FMC-licensed companies, for example, are given a channel to voice complaints or grievances should they encounter issues or feel they are receiving unfair treatment).

Tip 4 – They Have Destination Agents and Services at Destination

Does the company you are interested in have a physical presence in the country to which you are exporting? Having a company with offices in the country of your destination is a big advantage because their destination agents will be able to help facilitate the custom clearance process, and also help you overcome language barriers (which is extremely helpful in guiding a consignee).

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