The Importance of Same-Day Delivery for Your Business

The Importance of Same-Day Delivery for Your Business

With the modern world growing increasingly interconnected, the rise of online stores has made same-day delivery services the gold standard when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction. The demand for instantaneous deliveries everywhere has become a convenient and necessary way for the modern-day household to get their essentials in a timely manner. The likes of Amazon, Walmart, and even Target have all jumped on board to make sure their shopping experience is partnered with convenience through logistics services.

As the preference for same-day delivery grows in prominence, the E-Commerce world—including small to medium-sized businesses and giant enterprises alike— are doing everything that they can to meet this expectation.

If you'd like to offer the same services to your customers, there are some things that you'll want to familiarize yourself with first. After all, same-day delivery service is not always straightforward or easy to pull off. Otherwise, everyone would be doing it.

Making "Let's Go Shopping" Virtual: Online Shopping & Same-Day Delivery

According to Business Insider Intelligence, online retail sales will comprise a $632 billion industry by the end of 2020. This comes as no surprise when you consider the recent paradigm shift from shopping at physical locations to digital stores. As a result, same-day delivery will likely be the preferred choice of many of today's shoppers due to its unrivaled convenience.

A recent study conducted by CouponFollow appears to support this observation. According to it, a whopping 60 percent of US millennials are today doing their shopping online. Amazon—also according to the same study—is benefitting from the transfer to online shopping with 64 percent of millennials claiming to do their shopping on the Amazon website.

The study cites that this is due to the fact that there is also a shift to “digital thinking,” which is the behavior and tendency of consumers to make use of digital resources in order to execute and complete daily errands. With the millennial generation poised to become the largest adult population in the United States, online retailers and other businesses are taking notice.

In the case of same-day delivery, Invesp finds that 56 percent of online shoppers, within an age range of 18-34, expect same-day delivery. Additionally, 61 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for it. The study cites that the reason for such high demand is because half of the online shoppers actually need their orders immediately.

The Case of Same-Day Delivery for Small Businesses: Possible!

Due to the increased demand for same-day delivery, it is no surprise that it is becoming the new normal for small to medium-sized businesses. For some online business owners, same-day delivery seems to be a pipedream. For starters, the sheer stress of navigating through logistics and direction around cities can seem an insurmountable obstacle.

Competing with big retailers and online store giants is another issue, as there are only a number of capable logistics services that can get the job done. Without a partner, any small business owner can easily drown without the right delivery company in their ranks.

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