Trucking Companies Go the Extra Mile During Coronavirus

Trucking Companies Go the Extra Mile During Coronavirus

As Coronavirus spreads throughout the United States, we are all doing our part to get through this crisis. Citizens are doing their part by practicing social distancing, and our first responders remain vigilant, tirelessly treating patients, day after day.

The American truck drivers, and the companies they represent, have become quiet heroes through all of this as well—staying on the front lines, making sure that critical supplies get to wherever they need to be. While there are shortages of critical medical supplies and grocery items, manufacturers are continuing to produce, and suppliers are continuing to deliver. Trucking companies are going the extra mile, keeping supply chains running in spite of the shutdowns caused by COVID-19.

The Essential Link

Trucking companies are the essential links between the critical goods we produce or import and the demands for those goods as we react to this pandemic. American families, schools, healthcare providers, and hospitals are in critical need of food and supplies. If trucking stops, all essential services would shut down. Today, truckers are out in full force, delivering vital supplies during our country's time of need. Fleets are out in force, with dedicated drivers behind the wheel.

Coordinating Massive Resupply Operations

Trucking companies that manage fleets have moved an astounding amount of goods during recent weeks. They are the reason we are able to purchase groceries, medicines, and toiletries. And let's not forget our online purchases. Trucking companies play a large part in moving products to and from warehouses so that products are available for home delivery to you. The trucking industry hauls over 10 billion tons of freight each year. That's more than two-thirds of all freight moved in the US.

Working Despite the Risk

Truck drivers are out among the public at a time when the rest of us are

urged to stay home. Their job is essential, however, and not without risk. Even though long-haul truckers have reduced interaction with people, they are at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19. They must interact with the general public as well as handle potentially contaminated boxes and other freight.

Coming Together to Keep the Supply Chain Moving

During this unusual time in our nation, we have seen many enlightening images of people helping one another and doing their jobs despite the challenges imposed by Coronavirus. One of our greatest unsung heroes is the American truck driver, and the companies that keep them on the road, who have helped maintain our most essential functions. Due to their dedication, the supply chains are open for medical supplies and many sought-after items like hand sanitizer, bottled water, and toilet paper.

The Comet Delivery Services Fleet

Comet Delivery Services' team of highly dedicated drivers is on the road as we speak, doing their part to get our customers' products and services to you. We have been a trusted name for over 40 years, and we are maintaining our reputation for professionalism and dependable delivery.

Even during this unprecedented time, Comet Delivery Services remains dedicated to supporting our customers by continuing to provide fast and professional deliveries. Whether your shipment is large or small, we have you covered. This is indeed an unusual time in our nation's history. Comet Delivery Services is here for you.

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