Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling

Disposal Solutions for Old Electronics: One call really DOES do it all!

In an increasingly digital world, finding disposal solutions for old electronics is becoming a critical issue. It's all about balancing your company's privacy with your bottom line. Comet's Electronics Recycling and Disposal services will help you find that balance while giving your company a great way to demonstrate its commitment to a cleaner, healthier environment.

Working with our partner, E-Scrap USA, we recycle all types of electronics whether they're from your own offices or your sales inventory. We can tackle proper, environmentally sound disposal of everything from main frame systems to PDAs including computers, peripherals, notebooks, CRT and LCD monitors; desktop and self-standing copiers and printers; commercial and industrial, scientific, testing and medical equipment; audio and video systems; land and cellular phones; cables of all types; telecommunication systems; electronic toys and games; and much more.

Comet can help you manage your assets by assessing the residual value of any working components you have and getting them ready for re-sale, reintroduction into your company's supply line, or donation to a non-profit organization. By putting your recycled electronics into your inventory, both your bottom line and the environment will reap the benefits.

Comet will also make sure any data left on the recycled equipment is thoroughly and securely destroyed either by wiping the data completely or by destroying the hard drives using a state-of-the-art electro-hydraulic sledgehammer. In either case, data can never be retrieved.

So don't wait – clean out your storage closets, pull out those old electronics, and give us a call!

Call our 24-hour hotline — 888-266-3833 — and find out how Comet can best serve you and your customers!
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Call our 24-hour hotline, 888-266-3833, and find out how Comet can best serve you and your customers

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