The Solution to My Problems...

Here's what our client said after this Kubota tractor was brought to Comet Delivery for a quick cross dock. Comet Delivery delivered it to a consolidator to be sent to the Bahamas.

"As an export company dealing with clients overseas I spend half of my days delivering packages to freight forwarders.

Comet Delivery has become the solution to my problems

allowing me more time to spend with my customers. When I call to have a damaged box inspected or change in address for a package to be delivered, the Comet team is always more than accommodating. I would highly recommend Steven and his team at Comet Delivery."

— A. Ray

Hi Comet Team,

Fantastic job! Thanks so much. We've already delivered over half of the bags Comet fulfilled to yachts today–all due to your hard work.

To you personally Steven, I’d like to put it on record what a fantastic company you run and have built. The professionalism and attentive nature of all of your staff is something that is rarely seen with other companies we deal with. It was a pleasure to meet you all and I am already looking forward to next time.

Kind Regards

Office & HR Manager

Hi Mark and Manny,

Of course, Comet Delivery is our go to for CROSS DOCK and FINAL MILE in southern Florida. You all made us shine! Thank you is an understatement. A shout out to the drivers and cross dock for executing this flawlessly. This is a very high-profile customer and there were key people present that were impressed.

T. Myers, Account Manager

Google Rating: 5 Stars

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Comet Delivery provided excellent service in a critical time.

We first used them to pick up medical reports from Martin County North Hospital in Stuart and drive them directly to a specialist in Miami, (111 miles). They were there in 2 hours. The following day they picked up the medical files from the specialist and drove them to UM Medical Center. Perfect service both times in a critical situation.

Thanks for the great service, Samantha and Steve at Comet!

- J Hayford

Good afternoon Steven,

First, I wanted to thank you for providing us with drivers and trucks so quickly. It's helping us a lot. We're in the process of receiving more textbooks and will let you know when we can resume the delivery services.

Thank you.
C. L.
Executive Director
Materials Management

Good afternoon Steve and all

Everything here is well. We made it through the hurricane alright. No major damage. Just some utility issues and internet etc.

Regarding your service, I am very happy with the prompt responses. Collections and deliveries were spot on. Please relay my thanks to your team, and give all a pat on the back (WELL DONE GUYS!!!)

It is quite refreshing to work with a company that performs as well as Yours, Thank You Once Again!!!

Best Regards

General Manager
Turks & Caicos Islands


Wow, so glad Steve and his team are doing well. Great reviews. I delivered off and on for Comet in the late 80s early 90s. Very fun memories. Good work, good pay, great dispatch. Congrats on longevity. Keep on Truckin'.

– Gloria Schaad

Good morning Steven, Mark, Gilberto


I want to thank everyone for the excellent service provided in Miami these past couple of months.

It was such a pleasure.

I wanted to let you know our next two shipments are too small for FCL container loads – so we will close out the year without further transloads.

Once new year production 2022 begins for spring deliveries – I will alert you with a new schedule.

Wishing all a Very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!!

I know I'm grateful to have worked with all of you.

Thanks again

Heads up y'all,

Just got word the client was extremely pleased with the driver.

"I was just told this driver was prompt, courteous and the load came back nicely. Thanks again and let's use whomever ran the load again."

In a sea of endless things going wrong, it’s nice to hear a positive comment on a load. Thanks y'all!

Thank you,

Carrier Sales Representative

Thank you! You all at Comet amaze me. With all of the bumps and changes, you still did a perfect job!

Great work!!

Thank you,

Thanks Regla...You guys/gals are great... Customer will be very happy.

Best Regards and Stay Safe!!

T Russo
Distribution Manager

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"The easiest process ever! I was skeptical as I had never used a courier prior. These guys made it simple. Btw, very fast also."

– Hialeah Firefighters Local 1102

Wow. I am blown away by Samantha’s professionalism, problem solving, pleasant demeanor, and ability to do the job. I needed a courier service quickly, Comet sounded decent, so I called. Samantha didn’t have a driver available when I wanted one. Rather than suggest I wait, she volunteered to make the delivery herself. And she did. I would definitely call Comet again.

Chelsea Lowe

Thanks John! That was great service!
Be safe and stay healthy!

L Schwartz, QCS


Your team has been assisting us with some recurring shipments out of South Florida. These shipments have a lot of special instructions requiring flexibility and willingness by the drivers and a very sharp attention to detail by the dispatchers.

Your team has knocked it out of the park every single time. When I call with a new instruction detail, or a change, to the shipment after it’s already booked, your team does not bat an eye or get upset.. they just make it happen!

I just wanted to take the time to pass my experience along. It’s greatly appreciated and we value working with your team. Thanks!

Best regards,

A Saenz
Carrier Sales Representative - Solutions

Hi Sam,

I want to tell you how happy we are with Comet's performance and our relationship with you.
It has been a pleasure to work with you and the results are by far one of, if not the best of any company we’ve worked with.
Thank you again for all your hard work. We are looking forward to continued success in the future.

Denise Buban
Service Center Director, WPB

Google Rating: 5 Stars

You need it delivered, they deliver. Any time, anywhere in Florida. They get it done.

Pat Silvester

It’s been great working with you and your staff, everyone I have spoken to has been super friendly and helpful.

Best regards,
Debbie B

Hi Elisa,

Brad, one of our guys, just left your warehouse. He said your staff was awesome! Thank you. It can be so difficult working through these "little" things. Thanks to you and your team!
Looking forward to your quote.

Steve Marr

Hi Steven,

Hope all is well.
I wanted to bring to your attention the efforts Elisa is performing in her new role. Not once or twice but on many occasions she has stepped up and performed her duties with the utmost professionalism along with the positive attitude she brings to resolving each situation presented to her in an expeditious manner.
As you know in business, we must have the right people on the bus, and then get them in the right seat!
I am very grateful that she is on "OUR" bus.

Thank You.
Joe Warren

I called Comet at 9:17 a.m. because I'd locked myself out of my car in Hobe Sound. I'd never done business with them before but they were able to find a courier, go to my house in Stuart and get spare keys from a family member and get them to me by 11:10 a.m. I'm impressed. I've been in the delivery business and that's pretty efficient service. The price was definitely right, too. Hopefully, I won't lock myself out again but if I do, it's good to know I can rely on Comet to help me out. Enthusiastic "Thanks!”

Jean Crankshaw

Hi Alexa:

Thank you for the EARLY delivery. It was great working with you. Your responsiveness was excellent and you were so easy to work with. I did contact another company here in Orlando, but never heard back from them. I’m glad I didn’t because I found Comet Delivery Services.

Thank you again,


Google Rating: 5 Stars

A great and reliable partner and an extension of our own company for over 25 years! Excellent customer service and critical to our success!

Google Rating: 5 Stars

Best delivery Service in all South Florida! You guys are the best.

Google Rating: 5 Stars

Buen servicio


Thank you again for all of your help. Everything went fantastic and your services couldn’t have been more complete making our work just that much easier and stress free. It is really great to be able to trust your partners in business to follow through and do what they say they will do. I can’t say enough about your company and to top it off, you were very competitive on pricing also. We will be doing more work together in the future.

Steve Larson

Hi Marco,

Excellent job by you and COMET.

Thank You very much, job well done!

Best Regards,

Miami Sales USA


Hi Steven,
Want to say thank you for the great service you have given us so far!!!!
You've got a very helpful team!!!!


Margie Guillen
Office Manager


RE: Letter of Commendation for LTL freight pallet warehousing and delivery

Arriving on Friday, August 11, and requiring warehousing for an LTL freight pallet, I stopped by Comet Delivery Services warehouse as a last resort after discovering that Tropical Shipping was already closed.

I was welcomed by Comet’s very friendly staff, including you, and was to my delight, provided with a total logistics solution for warehousing and freight forwarding at a very reasonable rate.

I want to thank you for a great job on a timely basis with good service. I will keep you in mind for future orders where logistics are required.

Paul K.
Marine Group LLC


Hi Steven,
Speed and efficiency are extremely important to our operation. We are very pleased how Comet Delivery is handling the logistics and order fulfillment. There are three 40' HC containers with replenishment stock being dispatched to your warehouse. With the first leaving Thailand shortly and the rest following close behind. Keep up the good work.

G. Reberger



Thank you so much for all your assistance with the yearly distribution of SCHOOL BOOKS to all of the elementary and middle schools in Ft. Lauderdale. Thank God we are done and were able to complete the job in one week. I give you and the team at Comet a gold star for help making it happen.

Thank you,
M. Rosales


I want to say again how awesome Marco’s customer service has been the last 24 hours on this. I appreciate it immensely. Thank you very much.

TM – Supply Chain Manger
Maritime Communication Systems Company


Thanks again for all of your help Haydee.  I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to meet you.

Gilbert, as always, was extremely helpful in making sure everything was in order despite him being as busy as he was.  If it were anyone else I don’t know that they would be as helpful and professional - it’s rare that you find that level of patience and professionalism today.

If there is anything that you need from me at all please do not hesitate to contact me.

Fred Paige
Logistics Manager


Hi Haydee,

I just wanted to let you know how great Indira was on this delivery for us today.  She continuously kept me updated so that I could keep the shipper informed. I know in our business we usually just hear the bad things that we do. So I just wanted to recognize Indira for a the great job she did.

Wendy Williams


Your team is a great partner. You have skilled people who are very professional and have provided excellent service over the years. We will always keep you in mind for future opportunities.

L. Hernandez
Auto Parts Distribution


Dear Steven,

On behalf of our company I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff at Comet Delivery Services for meeting and exceeding our expectations in the transportation, handling, and storage of our shopping carts. We are also very appreciative of your efforts up front in planning the logistics involving late night deliveries and pick-ups. We are especially appreciative of how innovative and flexible your whole staff was when we deviated from our plan. A special thanks to Haydee who did an outstanding job of taking care of us the past year. Also, thanks to Mark, Gilbert and Mike who were a pleasure to work with last week as we finished up your project.

Although our facility in Wisconsin is 1,500 miles away from your facility in Florida we always have had the utmost confidence that Comet was taking the best care possible of both our product and customers. For this reason, I highly recommend Comet Delivery Services to anyone in need of any type of logistic services.

Best regards,
Jim Scheiber
Distribution and Logistics Manager


You guys are first class and always provide great service. Thanks again.

Bright Blue
New York


Dear Steve,

From myself & my staff, I would like to Thank You & Your Team at Comet. The service you guys provide us is remarkable and above excellent.

Once again, Thank you for everything!

Best regards,

M. Baldwin
Distribution Center Supervisor



We have always considered Comet a first rate service company and today your guys proved it again. I want to tell you how extremely pleased we were today to have Jose and Jose load the 20' container at our warehouse. Their work was extremely professional. The job was done with complete confidence and extreme care and speed.

Thanks to them and to Comet for the awesome and efficient job. Thanks for being there.

Laureen Hehn


To whom it may concern, I would like to inform you that your staff has been awesome with our elderly client who was extremely satisfied with your service. Not just today, but also late last year. I wish everyone we worked with was as professional and punctual as your staff.

Thank you,

AJ Jaime


You cannot say this about many men and companies, but when you need help, you can absolutely count on Steven and the tried and true team at Comet Delivery Services to take great care of you. Straightforward integrity in an age where this quality is hard to find.

Bill Roberson


I've worked with the great team at Comet Delivery Services for over 20 years for three reasons. One and two is dependability and reliability. And three is that they understand that, especially when it comes to delivery services, timing is everything. My graphic design firm, IKON Communication + Marketing Services, has demanding clients that require mostly, time-sensitive, local pick-up and delivery services. A typical order is a three-part round trip of a just-off-the-press proof, that needs to be rushed to the design firm for us to inspect, then taken to the client for their approval, and finally expediently delivered back to the printer with sign-offs, before a waiting 6-color press can be given the thumbs-up. Another typical scenario is for Comet to pick-up a comp at seven in the morning, deliver to our client's office before nine, so the client can walk into an early-morning board or committee meeting with glossy presentation in-hand. My clients count on me throwing a touchdown and with total confidence, I depend on Comet to run the ball across the goal line. I use Comet to deliver everything from an envelope to a van load of boxes. They've received, warehoused and delivered items on pallets, too large to receive at our office. Bottom-line, Comet has accommodated every delivery service need that our firm has had, and because of this, I have, without hesitation, recommended Comet Delivery Services, for years, to many of our own clients. And the whole Comet team gets bonus points for being really, really nice people to deal with!

Randy Burman
IKON Communication


Great! Thank you for all of your help in 2013 with my groups. I sure do appreciate everything.

I can confidently say that Comet's contribution has made my year a true success.

Thank you,
Sandra Parisi



You and your company are awesome – you do such a great reliable job – much appreciated. Your handling of our shipments over the past 4-5 years has been flawless. If ever you want a testimonial/blurb/referral, I'm your man!

Larry Cohen


You guys always come through in the tough situations.

Ronald Ashmore
Cruise Line Coordinator


Dear Comet Delivery,

We just arrived back in Mexico City. Thank you for all the attention and support that Comet Delivery Services provided for the Cisco Select Summit.

The event was a great success and our customers were very happy and satisfied. This would have not been possible without Comet's help.


Luis Nishizawa Zepeda
Director General

Great Worker!

The delivery was made and the pick up too... he picked up 53 bases for the flags. COMET DELIVERY's driver, Alain was very courteous, polite, cooperative and a hard worker. As a matter of fact, whenever we need something picked up and delivered I would very much like to have Comet assign Alain to the job! Congratulations and thank you, Comet.




Thank you for Comet's prompt and courteous service. You were a pleasure to speak with and are very professional. In this day and time, that's an asset that's hard to find. Comet did exactly what I needed and I will be giving excellent reviews.

Again, thank you,
Donald & Gail C.


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