Comet Delivery Helps Celebrate 305 Day

Comet Delivery Helps Celebrate 305 Day

Comet Delivery recently helped Sprint patrons celebrate 305 Day with some of Miami's best-loved pastimes — a coffee break and a game of dominos. Held on March 5, 305 Day honors everything that makes Miami special including 3:05 p.m., the time many in the community take a minute to savor a Cuban cafecito.

Steven Seltzer, Comet Delivery President, shared the details: "We picked up domino tables, coffee mugs and other promotional items on a Friday and distributed them to 22 Sprint stores across the city in time for the Monday event.

"For all of us at Comet Delivery, Miami is our hometown too and we were happy to be able to participate in 305 Day and help our community get into the spirit," he added.

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