Comet Delivery Services: We Are Family

Comet Delivery Services: We Are Family

Many of Comet's employees and independent contractor-drivers have been with the company for so long they may feel like family, but three of its drivers actually are family!

Eight years ago, Alex started driving a truck for Comet. Two years ago, his wife Leydis joined the team as a driver and five months ago, their son Marcos, a medical student, started working on the evenings and weekends making deliveries.

Mark Seltzer, Comet Delivery Services Vice President, said, "Finding good drivers can be difficult so to have three drivers from a single family is very unusual."

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According to Alex, the friendliness of the staff, their professionalism and the way the company looks after its drivers, especially on the road, has prompted him to stick with Comet for the long haul. "Comet is known as an industry leader and I know that when I get in my truck, I'm offering professionalism and excellent service," he said.

He explained how driving for Comet became a family affair: "When my wife was laid off from her previous job, I encouraged her to apply with Comet and to this day, it was one of the best decisions she ever made. It has allowed her to have a flexible schedule and a great source of income. As for my son, I suggested that he work for Comet once I found out he was looking for a job in order to help pay his tuition."

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Before starting with Comet, Leydis and Marcos were both impressed with the company's reputation in the industry. "I knew it would be a great company to work for," Leydis said. "I really enjoy interacting with the customers and know that as a Comet driver, I am offering first-class service and bringing a smile to their faces with every delivery," she said.

For Marcos, flexibility was an important factor in joining the company. "My school schedule is very hectic and being an independent contractor for Comet allows me flexibility while providing a source of income. I have been able to work while continuing my education. That has meant a lot to me. Apart from that, working for an industry leader and delivering happiness with every order is a big plus."

Team Comet Wants You

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Have a passion for professionalism? An excellent driving record? A penchant for customer service? If so, Comet Delivery Services may be looking for you. As our company grows, we are always interested in hiring great drivers. For additional details or to download a driver application form, visit

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