Comet Delivery: The Swiss Army Knife of Shipping and Warehousing

Comet Delivery: The Swiss Army Knife of Shipping and Warehousing

The Swiss Army knife dates back to 1891, and it's perhaps the best example of having every tool you need in the palm of your hand (some models feature over 30 tools). Comet Delivery Services isn't quite that old (1977). But when it comes to everything you need for shipping, delivering and warehousing, it's just as convenient.

One phone call or email to Comet Delivery and we'll handle anything you need to ship, from envelopes to elephants. You can ship it anywhere you want, from across the street to across the oceans. And you can call at any time, on any day of the week, knowing someone will be there to help you.

Versatility aside, Comet does the Swiss Army knife one better. It can save you money.

Comet's warehousing and distribution capabilities mean you don't have to contend with the overhead of maintaining your own storage facilities, heavy handling equipment, transportation fleet, and personnel to run it all. With Comet's expertise in distribution and logistics, you'll benefit from customized delivery schedules – as well as quick pick and pack services – that reflect nicely on your bottom line. Plus, no other company surpasses Comet when it comes to reliability, efficiency, and results.

Now, if you're thinking "That's nice, but Comet wasn't the first full service shipping company, so it shouldn't compare to the Swiss Army knife," know this: The Swiss Army knife wasn't the first multi-tool knife either. The "Sheffield contrivance" was, as described in 1851's Moby Dick (chapter 107). Which proves being the first doesn't make you the best. Being better makes you the best. And Comet is.

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