Comet Helps Client Take Flight With Critical Parts Delivery

Comet Helps Client Take Flight With Critical Parts Delivery

When a leading global logistics firm contacted Comet Delivery, it had a big problem that was getting more costly by the minute.

One of the client’s aircraft was grounded on the tarmac at the Sarasota airport and in dire need of replacement parts. Comet Delivery’s quick action and exemplary teamwork helped get the plane up and running again in no time.

In a scenario that sounded more like an adventure race, Haydee De La Torre, Comet Delivery’s operations manager, described how Comet made it happen: "Our driver met the client who flew into the Miami airport passenger terminal with some of the vital repair parts. The driver then had to go to the cargo side of the airport, pick up the rest of the shipment and then rush deliver everything by truck to the mechanic waiting on the tarmac in Sarasota."

Steven Seltzer, president of Comet Delivery and the Florida Messenger Association, added, "Waiting or downtime is incredibly expensive for a plane on the ground so prompt delivery was really significant to the client. They were very pleased with the results."

Supervisor.Thank you for the excellent work performed this weekend with the hand carry and resolving the A.O.G. (airplane on ground). We really appreciate your help and support. It was a pleasure to work with a great team like yours.
— E. Labrador, Air Import Supervisor (MIA-AI)

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