For Supply Deliveries Like Clockwork, Turn to Dedicated Trucking

For Supply Deliveries Like Clockwork, Turn to Dedicated Trucking

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected every industry in the United States and around the world. While some smaller businesses are struggling, others are experiencing an increased demand for their products and services. The freight industry is one of those, for the supply chain has remained unbroken. In fact, the demand for local and long-haul trucking is increasing as more areas in the country need essential supplies quickly.

Dedicated trucking services give logistic companies like Comet Delivery Services a stronghold in the industry because those customer relationships and regular routes are already in place. We are continuing uninterrupted during this period of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you haven't contracted with a transportation company for dedicated trucking, now is the time to do so.

Contracting with a dedicated trucking company reduces your shipping costs, optimizing our services for you, and relieves you of the added stress of constantly renegotiating freight costs. With dedicated trucking, you'll be able to maintain or increase your deliveries during this crisis period, with the assurance that we will deliver your loads on time.

What Is Dedicated Trucking?

With dedicated trucking services, your company will have a truck designated for carrying solely your freight—there will not be freight from any other company in the truck at the same time. The contract for a dedicated truck can also include scheduled deliveries at recurring destinations and times.

For non-dedicated trucking, drivers are assigned deliveries for various companies. Both the routes, pickup locations, and drop off destinations vary by the day. Even the type of freight the driver carries changes. While it's sometimes practical to deliver freight this way, dedicated trucking for recurring shipments makes more economic sense.

Advantages of Dedicated Trucking Services

Businesses have enjoyed the benefits of dedicated trucking for years. Once you build a customer-client relationship with a delivery company, you will have the freight solutions you need to meet your deadlines and satisfy your customers. Dedicated trucking establishes a set delivery schedule with a driver or drivers who are familiar with your freight, your business, and your receiving destinations and recipients.

Keeping the Supply Chain Moving

At Comet Delivery Services, we hope that your business is thriving and that your family and loved ones are healthy and safe during this period of social distancing and isolation. This is certainly an unprecedented time in our nation's history. We continue to serve our customers and are ensuring that our drivers are taking all the necessary precautions as they complete their delivery routes.

We are operating at full capacity and welcome new clients who need to hire a dedicated trucking company. In times such as these, we all need dependable logistics to keep the supply chain moving as it should, for all businesses. At Comet Delivery Services, we are ready to assist you. For more information on our dedicated trucking services, contact us today.

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