Get Your Cargo to Miami Without Driving in Miami

Get Your Cargo to Miami Without Driving in Miami

Charlie drives a rig. He loves his job. Well, most of the time. One thing he's not too fond of is driving his rig in Miami. Not just because the traffic from West Palm Beach to Miami is generally terrible, but because all too often he doesn't have any cargo to pick up in Miami to come back with. And an empty rig does Charlie no good.

Sound familiar?

Charlie is every man or woman who has ever made a living driving an 18-wheeler – or any other type of truck – on South Florida's highways. But now, Comet Delivery is making life easier for all the Charlies in the country.

Comet's hub in Stuart allows truck drivers to deliver their cargos to South Florida without having to drive them there. They simply drop off the cargo at Comet, and we deliver it wherever it has to go from that point South. On time. Every time.

By making a simple 6-mile detour from the Florida Turnpike to Comet's Stuart hub (or five miles from I-95), drivers will save a ton of time not having to go the extra 200-plus miles to Miami and back. Best of all, we'll be there to meet them no matter what time they get in. With just a quick call to let us know their ETA, we'll be waiting to get them unloaded and back on the road as quickly as possible. Whatever size load they have.

Imagine. Meeting all your commitments and making all your deliveries to South Florida without physically going there. And you can turn around and pick up a new load in Orlando or Jacksonville to drive back faster than before.

Find out more about Comet's Stuart hub. Call us at 772-600-0660.

You're going to love what we can do for you – and all the Charlies out there.

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