How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for Same-Day Delivery Service

How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for Same-Day Delivery Service

In today's digital-first society, companies must present same-day delivery as a default choice. Apart from people preferring to shop online, COVID-19 restrictions also mean people are even less likely to go out for groceries or other necessities.

Today, companies must provide this type of delivery at scale. The dominance of Amazon has transformed people's expectations and customer journey. In the past, consumers were happy to receive their product one or two days after placing the order. Today, though, they tend to equate service quality with speed and customization because of options like Amazon's "Choose the Day" shipping.

Why Companies Should Consider This Service

Traditionally, logistics handlers consider same-day deliveries as one-offs in the larger picture of the supply chain. As such, the procedure for handling them was inefficient. As customers come to prefer e-commerce, however, the need for fail-safes and guards for reliability increases.

According to a McKinsey study, same-day delivery will account for billions of U.S. online sales or a quarter of the country's e-commerce market in the next six years. Whatever their industry, businesses today will benefit from having a supply chain optimized for same-day delivery.

What Goes into a Same-Day Delivery Service

This type of delivery affects various parts of the supply chain, which means business owners must consider inventory visibility, customer experience, and last-mile concerns when preparing this service.

Suppose a customer places an order for a particular item. To be able to get the order to them within the next few hours, a business must identify the location the order is in, the most efficient path for fulfillment, and the resources available to pack the order, stage it for pickup, and schedule the delivery.

Retailers with bricks and mortar locations face additional considerations since they must also ensure there is enough supply of an item to fulfill both online orders and walk-in purchases. However, these business owners can also leverage their brick-and-mortar facilities to do double-duty as product-staging fulfillment centers for online purchases.

Provide Customers with Reports on Product Status

In the past, customers were satisfied with occasional updates on their package's last known location. Today, however, customers prefer real-time tracking. They want to have reliable and accurate visibility of their product. This can often be a deal-breaker for consumers who frequently use same-day delivery services. They are likely to switch providers based on their ability to deliver location information. If your company isn't set up to be able to provide this level of service, partnering with a delivery company that can provide enhanced tracking services can be a win for your business.

Team Up with a Logistics Services Provider

Product fulfillment today means giving customers options like same-day delivery and live tracking of packages. These serve as a guarantee that their order is on the way, letting them equate your brand with convenience ensuring repeat transactions. When devising a plan for providing this service, it is vital to consider how it will change your current supply chain.

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