How Your Business Can Effectively Eliminate Late Deliveries

How Your Business Can Effectively Eliminate Late Deliveries

Owning an e-commerce business comes with many advantages however, it also comes with its own unique set of challenges, particularly in the timely fulfillment and delivery of orders.

One of the most important ingredients to an e-commerce company’s success is having a quick turnaround time. Many customers now expect to receive their orders within a few days, thanks to the speedy shipping time of major online retailers, which can put considerable pressure on smaller companies. In fact, if a customer sees a fulfillment period that is beyond what they’re willing to wait, then they’ll simply keep browsing until they find a similar product that won’t take as long to show up on their doorstep.

Thankfully, speedy shipping is possible—even for smaller companies. Want to make sure your business will effectively eliminate late deliveries? Here’s what you need to know:

Understand the Cause of Delivery Delays

First, you’ll have to understand the common causes of delivery delays in the first place. There are times that the delays are caused by customer error, such as inputting the wrong shipping address. However, in most cases, the company itself is responsible for the shipping delay.

Causes of these delays could be documentation mistakes, such as a misspelled address or an incorrectly completed order form. Another cause is a system failure, which occurs if your online website experiences technical problems due to being hosted on an unreliable server.

Other causes to watch out for are logistical issues such as the inability to fulfill a high number of orders.

Set Your Delivery Time

Now that you know the causes of delivery delays, it’s time to enforce protocols to ensure that your business totally eliminates late deliveries. You can do this by determining a reasonable minimum and maximum delivery time so that you’ll fulfill your orders strategically and punctually. The delivery time should be feasible enough that you aren’t scrambling to get the order out in time, but that your customers can still expect it quickly.

Update Your Inventory Regularly

When inventory isn’t updated in real-time, deliveries can be delayed. A customer may order a product that is actually out of stock and won’t restock for a few more weeks, even when your website says otherwise. Thankfully, this issue is easy to solve by regularly updating your inventory to reflect the number of products available, and by replacing products that have already been fulfilled.

Prepare for Fulfillment

When your business grows and expands, you’ll see a significant uptick in orders. To make things easier for your company and your customer, make sure you’re ready for fulfillment by preparing your warehouse. Optimize operations so that it is much easier to send off the most popular products first.

Use Logistics Software

This can help you keep track of what orders should be delivered according to the times they were ordered. Logistics software can be incredibly helpful in eliminating late deliveries because it will keep you cognizant of the most pressing products that should be dispatched as soon as possible.

Plan in Advance

Many people look forward to taking a day off during holidays, but those supplying products often have to double down on preparations. Those relaxing at home often have more time to browse and place orders, meaning that you’ll have to make sure they’re fulfilled on time. By working with a home delivery company, you can make sure your orders are dispatched prior to the start of the holiday.

Hire a Fulfilment Service

If the stress of handling deliveries is too much for you, look no further than Comet Delivery for your fulfillment service. We’ll take care of the logistics, from the warehousing and packing to delivery. You’ll be able to focus on your core product without stressing about them reaching your customers on time. As an added bonus, Comet Delivery’s fulfillment service eliminates the need to figure out logistics software or prepare for the holidays, as we’ll be taking care of these worries for you.

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