If You Look in the Dictionary Under Facility you may Find a Picture of Comet Delivery Services

If You Look in the Dictionary Under <i>Facility</i> you may Find a Picture of Comet Delivery Services

According to Merriam-Webster, facility is the ability to do something with ease and aptitude; it's also something that makes an action or operation easier, or a place designed and built to perform a specific purpose. In the case of Comet's warehousing and distribution facilities, it's all of the above.

Comet Delivery Services is dedicated to making everything you need for shipping, delivering and warehousing easier on you. To that end, you'll find not one but two full service facilities in Florida. One in Miami, an international gateway; the other in Stuart, strategically positioned about halfway down the State.

Both facilities are hurricane-proof, with state-of-the-art alarm systems and security cameras, so anything you warehouse in them is safe and sound. More importantly, both facilities are staffed by industry professionals with a – (ahem) – facility for doing their individual jobs on your behalf – including computerized tracking and inventory, freight consolidation, logistics, loading/unloading, hot-shot and same-day pick-up and delivery, and more.

Using Comet's warehousing and distribution facilities saves you money versus maintaining your own warehouses, equipment and personnel. It provides you with the highest standards of reliability and efficiency. And it's available 24 – 7.

In other words, Comet Delivery gives you the facility to compete with anyone.

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