Providing Same-Day Delivery Services: A Guide for SMEs

Providing Same-Day Delivery Services: A Guide for SMEs

As both retailers and consumers have gone online for convenience and fast transactions, it only makes sense that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) also start embracing same-day shipping and same-day delivery as the big companies do.

Today, many online shoppers are tech-savvy Millennials and Gen Z's, meaning they rely almost entirely on technology to buy their goods and personal wants. As the years go by, their online purchasing power and reliance on eCommerce will continue to rise.

The question is, can SMEs compete with the big guys in regards to same-day shipping and same-day delivery?

How to Achieve Same-Day Shipping and Delivery of Your Goods

Providing same-day shipping and same-day delivery is possible for SMEs. They can even compete with big enterprises like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, by having the right processes and resources in place.

Here are the things SMEs should have to process a successful and effective same-day shipping and delivery:

1. Working Website

For you to accept orders and collect shipping information from your customers, you need a functioning and easy-to-navigate site. When designing your eCommerce website, make sure that:

  • It loads quickly

  • The product listings are correctly named

  • Product pages are detailed

  • Checkout goes through without glitches

2. Adequate Number of Staff

Although you may think you can handle the processes of home delivery by yourself or with a small staff, you may need a sufficiently higher number of workers later on with the growth of your business. Anticipating these needs early on can help you avoid business roadblocks down the road.

3. Sufficient On-hand Inventory

It is better to have more stock than you think you need than panic over not having enough when you need to deliver the same day. To ensure same-day shipping and same-day delivery, make sure that you have an on-hand inventory of the latest in-demand goods. Also, try to forecast how much supply you would need in the following months by understanding your customers and their purchase behavior.

4. Daily Audit

To continually improve your service and processes, conduct a regular audit of your staff's significant tasks and assignments. See where you can optimize further to make your shipping processes faster, smoother, and more convenient for everyone.

5. Reliable Delivery Service

Of course, you need to partner with a reliable delivery company that will transport your products to your customers with the utmost care and diligence. Compare the companies you know in the market by assessing their:

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Shipping processes

  • Delivery processes

  • Shipping pouches and boxes

Compete with Big Businesses

Same-day shipping and same-day delivery are prevalent today, especially for eCommerce businesses, as this makes transactions faster and more convenient for retailers and customers. SMEs can equally compete with big companies by having effective shipping and delivery processes. To achieve that, a retailer should have a working website, adequate staff, on-hand inventory, and daily audits. On top of all of that, SMEs should have a reliable delivery company that they can trust to safely and quickly deliver their products.

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