What to Do When Your Shipping Costs Are Too High

Shipping Cost Reduction

eCommerce is a complex landscape. There are a vast number of businesses online, offering various products, serving different locations, and participating in digital marketing efforts to produce sales. Despite these many differences, eCommerce businesses are all bound by a common denominator—shipping costs. Regardless of the nature of your business, you'll need to ship your products to your customers.

Unfortunately, shipping costs can quickly add up. It seems like lower-priced options also aren’t fast enough for many customers, and only the largest companies have the luxury of offering one-day shipping. Many business owners may feel like they are left to navigate the complex nature of shipping on their own. However, business owners also recognize that any savings they can pass on to the customers translates to increased sales. For this reason, they search tirelessly for ways to reduce their shipping costs.

Thankfully, there are strategies readily available. To ensure that your customers stay happy and satisfied with your products and services, here’s what you can do:

1. Partner with a Shipping Company for Negotiated Rates

You may be shopping for the best rates you can from readily available shipping services, however, partnering with an exclusive shipping provider can be a great deal. By doing so, you’ll have a chance to receive better terms, ones that will help you and your customers enjoy lower shipping rates.

The delivery services industry is highly competitive, so your chosen partner will be open to providing you with the best rates. However, make sure not to pick a partner solely based on rates—there are other considerations to keep in mind. You’ll also want to work with a company that can provide you with the best service and meet your customers' needs.

2. Save by Packing Lightly

Protecting your products during transit is also an important part of your business, but it’s also smart to pay attention to the weight of the protective materials you’re planning to use for your products. Investing in more lightweight, protective materials can prevent your package from being unnecessarily heavy, and a lighter package means the shipping price won’t break the bank. Your delivery company can work with you to find the right materials to keep costs low.

3. Save Even More by Printing Your Shipping Labels

Purchasing a shipping label printer to print your own labels and inserts are not necessary, since your delivery company can provide these for you. However, they do charge for labeling, so printing your own can be a way to save money if you really need to cut corners. By printing your own labels to stick on packages, you’ll be able to get your shipping costs down as low as possible.

Work with a Company that Will Work with You

Shipping costs are a major concern for most eCommerce businesses. With the rise of next-day deliveries and one-day shipments, however, the key to eradicating barriers may just be careful and thorough planning. In other words, you may just need to choose the right partner who offers rates you are comfortable with, and make sure that you are using the right materials. Once your customers realize the level of service you provide, and how much savings you are passing onto them, they will come running!

A Partner You Can Trust

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