Reopening Your Business? Here’s How a Delivery Company Can Help

Reopening Your Business? Here’s How a Delivery Company Can Help

While some companies have been able to remain open since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are still in the process of putting procedures in place for a safe relaunch. These implementations can be anything from limiting the number of customers in the store, to only allowing people wearing masks to enter. These efforts are aimed not only at reducing the overall spread of the virus, but for ensuring that your business can stay open without any hiccups or endangerment to customers or staff.

If you're currently looking for ways to reopen your business safely, you might not know that partnering with a delivery company can help with the process. Here are a few tasks that delivery services can take off your plate:

1. Handle Your Supply Runs

Staying safe during a pandemic means limiting your number of interactions, not just between employees and customers, but also between employees and suppliers or other personnel who help keep your business running. That means that those one-off or even regularly scheduled supply runs your employees used to make, might have to stop for now. But just because you shouldn't venture out as much for supplies doesn't mean your business doesn't still need them. After all, your supply chain is a vital part of how you keep your doors open. The solution? Delivery services of course! One simple phone call to a reliable delivery company can take care of all your supply-chain needs. Let the delivery personnel handle sourcing your supplies while your employees focus on sanitizing your place of business.

2. Avoid Shortages for Critical Items

Just because the worst of the shortages are (hopefully) over, doesn’t mean they won't still happen here or there. Especially as we head into our first holiday season during the pandemic, anything could happen. Just like when the pandemic first hit, the only people who were "in the know" on critical supplies were the delivery companies keeping the supply chains open. But now that your doors are open, the pressure is on you to keep your employees and customers safe. By keeping a delivery company on speed dial, as soon as you start seeing "Out of Stock" on hand sanitizer or toilet paper from your usual bulk supply websites, you can spring into action.

3. Provide Flexible Delivery Options for Your Customers

Many businesses were seriously impacted by the pandemic when they were forced to limit the number of customers allowed on their premises. But now that their doors have reopened, many businesses are still finding that customers are hesitant to enter. How can you keep cash flowing in while your customers wait for the coast to clear? Consider adding flexible delivery options for all of your products. Two-day, same-day—by offering various delivery options you'll be able to accommodate any of your clients' preferences. Add in the fact that you're allowing your customers to shop safely from their homes, and you'll maximize the chances of them making a purchase. Be sure to select a delivery company that can handle any size item, large or small, as well as meet any delivery deadline, in order to guarantee your chances at success.

Rely on Comet Delivery Services

Are you looking for a delivery company to help you reopen your doors and stay safe during the pandemic? Partner with Comet Delivery Services! We provide flexible delivery options for products and packages of any size. We offer same-day and home delivery services. Give your customers the delivery options they want while giving your business the competitive edge it needs. To find out how partnering with Comet Delivery Services can help your business keep its doors open at this critical time, call today.

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