Simplify Importing with Drayage Services

Simplify Importing with Drayage Services

Drayage is an essential component of the shipping and transportation process. It involves the movement of containerized freight inland from a seaport. For businesses, choosing the right trucking company to provide drayage services can be the difference between a seamless journey for their freight, and one full of gaps and logistical nightmares.

What Are Drayage Services?

The term drayage is used within the shipping and logistics sector to refer to the transporting of containerized freight. When a ship carrying shipping containers arrives at port, the containers are offloaded onto chassis. The trucks can then dray the containers directly to the consignee (the owner of the merchandise), or to a rail yard, freight forwarder, or container freight station. No matter the destination, drayage services allows your freight to move seamlessly. Using services from a drayage trucking company can simplify importing because these carriers specialize in the transport of containerized freight.

Port Drayage and the CFS

Port drayage services are particularly efficient when paired with a container freight station (CFS). When containerized cargo arrives at a port, the containers must be picked up and moved off-site. This is where drayage services come in—a drayage trucking company can move the container directly from the port to the CFS. This option has the advantage that businesses can keep their merchandise in-bond at the CFS until they are able to make arrangements to get it to the next port of call.

State Wide Container Drayage Services In addition to the specialized port or intermodal drayage services, many trucking companies provide intra-state drayage services. In this case, containerized freight directly from the port all the way to its final destination.

Turn to Comet Delivery Services for Drayage

At Comet Delivery Services, we are committed to offering drayage services that help keep your ordered goods safe and secure. Whether it's moving on to another international destination or staying in the United States, our drayage services help you fill in shipment gaps. We offer port drayage services to our customs-bonded container freight station conveniently located in Miami, where it will remain duty-free and guarded 24/7 until released for the next leg of its journey. We also offer intermodal drayage to the rail yard, and intra-state drayage to anywhere in Florida. At Comet Delivery Services, we are well resourced for handling your drayage needs. Contact us to learn more about how our drayage services can help you simplify your import logistics today!

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