Technology for Humanity

Technology for Humanity

Humans come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; in a variety of colors, and with a virtually limitless assortment of opinions, tastes and differences. Yet despite all that diversity, there's one characteristic we all share: whether we're shipping or waiting for a package, we want to know when will it arrive. That's where Comet comes in.

Comet Delivery Services handles your packages using some of the most advanced online shipping, tracking and mapping software available. This technology allows us to meet the delivery demands that today's clients have come to expect.

The software enables Comet to track deliveries every step of the way, from the moment they leave Point A, to the moment they arrive at Point B. Should you want an update on the status of your package, simply give us a call or email and we can advise you.

Comet can also customize a plan for order entries and reporting functions to your preferences and specifications. This can include automated shipping and delivery status updates that can be viewed on mobile devices. In addition, the system captures the delivery signature in real time, allowing Comet to provide proof of delivery on demand, as well as transparency during the entire process.

It's our human nature that dictates when and how we want our packages delivered. With Comet on your side, they'll not only get where they are going safe and sound, they'll get there when your customers expect them. Call 888-266-3833 today for more information. Because using anyone less advanced would be practically inhuman.

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Call our 24 hour hotline: 1-888-266-3833 and find out how Comet can serve you and your customers.

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Call our 24-hour hotline, 888-266-3833, and find out how Comet can best serve you and your customers

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