The Secret to Making Same-Day Deliveries Work

The Secret to Making Same-Day Deliveries Work

Same-day deliveries are no longer just a trend. With the ongoing pandemic, more and more people are opting to do their shopping online, and this has caused a rise in customer demand to receive their purchases within the same day. However, doing so is not always possible, especially when you consider the product you are shipping, and the location of your customers.

This is why the decision to offer same-day deliveries may require an extensive logistics solution.

1. Demand for Service

Same-day deliveries are already very common in the medical and grocery industries where people need their orders immediately and the items are often perishable. Same-day deliveries are also highly prized for shops offering seasonal gifts, such as flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day. If you're in those industries and do not have such services, then you are surely missing out.

If you're in a different niche but would like to offer the service, then you should try to gauge demand. You can do this by conducting customer surveys, or by asking your staff to see if customers are asking for same-day deliveries. Take note of the quantity of these requests, as well as the location of these customers. If there's demand, then you should take note of the other factors to assess the feasibility of the service.

2. Location of Demand

Once you've determined that there is enough demand, you should then be looking at where the demand is coming from with respect to the location of your center of operations. Are the two locations near enough to each other? Is the amount of traffic between the two locations manageable? This is particularly important if you're a small business glued to one location. If you have multiple branches or warehouses, then it is possible that you can extend the areas where you can offer deliveries within the same day.

3. Infrastructure and Fulfillment

You should also assess whether your existing processes and infrastructure can cope up with the demand. How are you sourcing your goods? Are you reselling turnkey items, or are your goods made to order? Based on these factors, how fast are you able to fulfill your orders at the status quo, and do you think you'll need to ramp up production for same-day delivery?

4. Logistics

How will you be doing the deliveries? Are you planning to hire in-house, or should you outsource the service to a professional delivery company?

If you want to offer the service immediately without putting a strain on your staff, then you will benefit from relying on a home delivery service. They will handle your deliveries as a separate unit that knows how to get the job done, allowing you to concentrate on ramping up production and increasing efficiency to meet demand.

Now You Know the Secrets to Making Same-Day Delivery Work

With the ongoing pandemic and the need for people to stay at home to practice physical distancing, the demand for same-day deliveries is only going to increase. By determining whether your service or product is in demand and figuring out how to make it feasible for your business, you will be able to cater more effectively to your clients.

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