Trucks come in all shapes and sizes. And Comet knows how to keep them moving.

Trucks come in all shapes and sizes. And Comet knows how to keep them moving.

Every day, trucks of all sizes and shapes crisscross the State of Florida picking up and delivering all types of cargo. Trucks transport over 70% of the annual freight in the U.S.* – more than $670 billion. They are the heartbeat of commerce; the lifeblood of our economy. More importantly, they operate under a delicate balance between cargo size, travel time, and profit margins.

That's why more and more businesses are working with Comet Delivery Services.

Companies that don't have trucks can count on Comet to supply whatever type of truck they need; so they save the expense of having and maintaining their own fleets. Comet can also customize service to accommodate truckload and less-than-truckload shipments, as well as handle interstate and intrastate trucking in compliance with all local and federal regulations.

For companies that own their own fleets, Comet's Miami facility offers the secure space and staff to handle huge shipments that may require overnight warehousing, and/or delivery to multiple local destinations. What's more, our strategic hub in Stuart (about half-way up the State) saves truckers the time and expense of driving their loads all the way South. They simply drop their loads off in Stuart and Comet takes them the rest of the way.

The bottom line is, Comet makes it more efficient for drivers to deliver cargo and head back with a return load in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Whatever your transportation needs, contact Comet Delivery today and see the many ways we can help you. Trucking is the lifeblood of commerce. And Comet helps keep it pumping.

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