Volume LTL vs Partial Truckload Shipping:
What's the Difference?

Volume LTL vs Partial Truckload Shipping:
What's the Difference?

For businesses looking to maximize their efficiency and profit while minimizing costs, volume LTL has quickly become a favorite mode of freight shipping. We’ll explore more information about volume LTL, give more insight on how it stacks up against partial truckload shipping, and shed light on why this freight mode should be on your radar.

What is Volume LTL?

Volume LTL is a freight mode for shipments weighing greater than 5,000 lbs. that are on 6 or more pallets. To be considered volume LTL, freight shipments must occupy between 12-32 feet of linear space on a trailer.

  • Cost: With volume LTL, businesses only pay for the area that their freight uses and the total weight of the shipment—resulting in a lower overall cost.

  • Safety: Additionally, like FTL or partial truckload, freight is not loaded and re-loaded, which means that there is less risk of damage to freight contents.

What is the Difference Between Volume LTL and Partial Truckload?

Volume LTL provides many of the benefits of FTL (full truckload) and partial TL while also giving the cost savings of LTL. For this reason, volume LTL is a win-win for many businesses. Volume LTL shares many similarities with partial truckload shipment, and the two often overlap. There are a few key differences between partial truckload and volume LTL you should be aware of:

  • Volume LTL has very particular size requirements for freight.

  • With volume LTL, the product does not need to be crated or on pallets.

  • Volume LTL shipping requires a freight class, whereas partial truckload shipment does not.

  • Volume LTL carriers establish their price rates for shipments, whereas shipment prices for partial truckload shipment are based on market pricing.

  • Partial truckload shipment generally requires more flexibility on pickup and shipment dates from businesses when compared to volume LTL.

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