What Is LTL Freight Shipping?

What Is LTL Freight Shipping?

Less than truckload shipping (LTL shipping) refers to the transportation of relatively small freight. LTL freight carriers usually handle small shipments of freight from multiple businesses, with all of the shipments sharing space on a semi-trailer. When businesses choose to ship LTL, they each pay the cost for the portion of the semi-trailer that their freight occupies. The result is a more economical mode of transportation for businesses.

What Are the Benefits of LTL Shipping?

  • Minimized Costs: LTL freight carriers are a great option for businesses needing to ship relatively small loads (between 150- 15,000 lbs.) because they only pay for the portion of the trailer used while other occupants of the trailer’s space cover the remaining costs. Each shipper essentially covers the cost of their own weight. This also means more efficiency for LTL freight carriers, as they can maximize the use of freight space for each trip.
  • More Security: Most LTL shipments are packaged onto pallets before being loaded onto a truck, and pallets typically minimize the chance of loss, damage, or wear and tear from being in contact with other freight during transport.
  • More Service Options: LTL freight carriers typically offer special service options not available with other shipping methods. These can include freeze protection, availability of lift gates, special handling, and inside pickup and delivery.
  • Easier Tracking: Shipment tracking is easier when using an LTL freight carrier. Many carriers provide real-time tracking updates through bill of lading numbers, pick up date ranges or other shipment reference numbers. This information not only lets businesses know where their freight is at any given time, but is also useful for holding LTL carriers accountable for guaranteed shipment dates.

A Trusted Partner in LTL Freight

At Comet Delivery Services, we understand the importance of having the services of a reliable LTL freight carrier. Through our interstate and intrastate trucking operations, we continue to help businesses around the country successfully transport their goods within their desired timeframe. We offer shipping options and transportation solutions that will help you achieve your goals, while providing the flexibility and timeliness you need. Whether you are in need of less than truckload (LTL), truckload (TL) or flatbed transportation options, our team of drivers has the experience and professionalism needed to get the job done. Contact us to learn more about how our trucking services can help your business with its transport needs today!

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