When the chips were down Vesta turned to Comet. And Comet delivered.

When the chips were down Vesta turned to Comet. And Comet delivered.

It was a Tuesday. The cargo ship was scheduled to leave in 24 hours. And while it was loaded with Vesta modular buildings bound for the Limetree Bay Refinery in St. Croix, there were essential building components that were not yet onboard. Including floor underlayment, skid plates, insulation, joist hangers, and hurricane clips.

Holding up the ship would mean holding up a $1.4 Billion project designed to re-start the former Hovensa refinery, previously owned in part by Hess Oil. That was not an option. So, under enormous pressure, the people at Vesta turned to Comet Delivery Services. It was the right call.

Comet Delivery quickly kicked into action, and by using its vast resources, the company dispatched both a 53-foot trailer and 48-foot flatbed in a ridiculously short amount of time; complete with highly experienced drivers.

The pick-ups were to be made at two different locations in Miami. The trailer and flatbed went to load up at a Home Depot, while a third truck – a 24 footer – was dispatched to a metal fabricator.

With time running out, Comet was able to safely pick up and deliver three truck-loads of indispensable cargo to the ship, before it sailed to St. Croix – within 24 hours from the original call.

The Comet cargo was an important part of a monumental effort to relocate 338 residential and commercial modular buildings comprising 1,110 sleeping rooms, 37 dorm wings for skilled and technical labor, and over 40,000 square feet of common area spaces which include a lounge, recreations room, and gym.

The Limetree Bay facility is scheduled to start producing low-sulfur fuels by early 2020. Thanks, in part, to Comet Delivery Services.

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