While America shuts in truckers keep on rolling

While America shuts in truckers keep on rolling

Sometimes it takes a crisis or emergency for us to really understand not only what's what, but who's who. The spread of the COVID-19 virus is such an event. People across the country are in a panic, while truckers across the country are delivering the foods, medicines and other necessities we need to keep going.

Comet Delivery Services is 100% behind this selfless effort by America's truckers. We are supporting them by keeping our hubs open and ready to assist them. These road warriors know if they get their loads to us, we will help them get to where they need to be.

This makes Comet's Stuart location particularly beneficial. About half way up the State, truckers know they can drop off their cargo and Comet will take it the rest of the way into South Florida. The ability to do this saves truckers hours of driving time down into the southern-most parts of the State and back up again.

In essence, truckers can load up with Florida goods needed in other states quicker, and start their return trips faster, which helps everybody. This is critical to keeping the country going, and the primary reason why Comet has pledged to keep its doors open to help all truck drivers – from pick-ups to 18-wheelers – complete their important tasks.

America has never needed truckers as much as we need them right now. As long as they're willing to risk catching COVID-19 by transporting their much needed goods, Comet Delivery pledges to be there to help them in any way possible. Together we will do this. Together we'll deliver.

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