Hours of Service (HOS) Rules: What You Should Know

Hours of Service (HOS) Rules: What You Should Know

When it comes to dealing with shipments and cargos, your project calendars should match the target dates with Hours of Service (HOS) trucking regulations in mind. If you’re planning to deliver shipments with an in-house driver, you should be familiar with these policies. Doing so will ensure that your shipments can arrive at its destination without any interruptions or potential fines.

The Importance of Hours of Service (HOS) Guidelines

Observing HOS is an essential part of protecting both your business’s operations and your drivers’ well-being. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration uses it to protect them while ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination. This is to comply with your contractual employees’ logistics services.

Depending on the type of driver and travel destination, there are different rules and regulations for HOS guidelines. For example, drivers who transport goods in the same state are subject to state regulations but not to federal rulings. On the other hand, delivering materials across state lines requires compliance with federal rules.

What Are the Rules and Limitations?

Each duty period should begin with a minimum of over 10 hours off-duty. However, a reset occurs if a driver already has over 34 consecutive hours off-duty. Because of this, the workweek starts after the statement of the last legal reset.

Drivers are allowed to work no longer than 60 consecutive hours for seven days or 70 hours over eight days. They should keep a driver’s log to account for their distance traveled. Among other reasons, this is so that they can observe a mandatory half-hour break on their eight hours of duty.

Drivers who have worked their 60 consecutive hours, or are close to running out of time, can stop at either Comet Delivery location in Miami or Stuart and we can finish their deliveries for them so that no time is lost.

HOS Exceptions and Provisions

Although the guidelines for HOS are mandatory, there are exceptions and provisions to these rulings. These two exceptions are the Adverse Driving Conditions Exception and 16-Hour Exception.

• Adverse Driving Condition Exception

Adverse Driving Condition (ADC) exception lets drivers extend their drive time by two extra hours due to unforeseen complications. This applies to weather conditions such as snow, fog, heavy rains, traffic incidents, and slowdowns.

If a driver sees that they can’t safely complete a run within the 11-hour maximum driving time, they can use the ADC. However, they cannot drive after the 14th hour since starting their duty. Keep in mind that this exception doesn’t permit a driver to extend their drive time. It’s to allow them to find a safe location to layover within their 11-hour drive time.

• 16-Hour Exception

The 16-hour exception stipulates that a driver working for a one-day work schedule can remain on duty for 16 hours if the travel starts and ends at the same terminal. The 16-hour exception includes the layover if your driver uses it on any day. Keep in mind that the total drive time still shouldn’t exceed 11 hours. Additionally, a driver cannot use the 16-hour exception until after a 24-hour reset.

*Note that your driver can’t use both the 16-hour and (ADC) exception at the same time.

Fines and Penalties for Violations

Drivers who violate HOS rules will be shut down along the roadside until they have accumulated enough off-duty time. After this, they can resume their travel. However, it depends on local and state law enforcement if drivers may also receive fines. If there is proof that these carriers are willingly violating HOS rules, they may receive federal criminal penalties.

Choose Professional Logistic Services

Understanding HOS’s rulings is an essential part of expanding your company, especially if you’re planning to expand interstate. You need to know how these different rulings can affect your business’s agreement with third-party logistics providers and your project deadlines. Time is a capital that you should also account for when dealing with the different aspects of your business.

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